8 tips in using Homeopathic treatment.

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8 tips in using Homeopathic treatment - DrVidyalakshmi

Homeopathy is the best alternative treatment with the most minimum of side effects to our body. As every treatment and medications have its own methods and ways of consumption which needs to be followed strictly for best results so does for Homeopathy. Some of the basic aspects to be taken care while going through a homeopathic treatment and which will help you better recover from your illnesses are as follows:

    1. On time Medication: Any treatment requires that all medications are taken on time and as prescribed by your doctor. Homeopathy also works best when you consume your medications very diligently and as per the set schedule. This is essential as the medications are made keeping in mind the individual’s physical being and all medications have to be monitored for their reactions on the individual.
    2. Low Potency Remedy: It’s a normal practice followed by most of the homeopaths to start medication with a low potency remedy and slowly try to increase the potency by evaluating the improvements seen on the patients.
    3. Highly individualized treatment: The very basis on which homeopathic treatment is administered is that no two people are given the same treatment even though they have similar problems. All packages in homeopathy are prescribed as a unique package to the individual keeping in mind his/her body reactions and hence medicine is always bound to change for different patients.
    4. Untouched by Hands: A very good advice for consuming Homeopathic globules is to place them directly on your tongue even without touching it with your hand. Use the lid of your normally used white container to take the globules so that it is untouched. Also, it would be best if you can leave the medicated pills at the tip of your tongue for as much longer duration as possible which can give you a much better result as the medicine will react well.
    5. Best time for consumption: Have at least a 20-minute gap between the time when you take your homeopathic medication and your routine food consumptions.
    6. Homeopathic Dosage: Always stick to your prescribed homeopathic dosage as it is given in a measured quantity by your homeopath to monitor the reactions in your body. Having higher dosage in no way means faster recovery from your disease.
    7. Treatment as a Whole: Homeopathic treatment cures the patient as a whole and it is not just the issues or the ailments which are addressed but the patient in the entirety. Hence it’s very important for a homeopathy to understand every aspect of the patient pertaining to his/her eating habits, behavior, likes and dislikes, living conditions etc. You need to open up to your homeopathic physician and be truthful to the doctor’s queries.
    8. Avoid Self Medication: Homeopathy is by far the safest of all the treatments available and is proven to have zero side effects. But having said that it doesn’t warrant anyone to try out self-medications and all medications should be administered under the proper guidance of a seasoned homeopathic practitioner.


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