About Homeopathy

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Recognized by the World Health Organisation as the second largest therapeutic system in use across the world, Homeopathy is a system of natural health care which has been prevalent for over 200 years now. The name Homeopathy was coined by Samuel Hahnemann, the originator of this alternative medicine born 250 years ago in

Foundation of the Alternative Treatment – Homeopathy

There is two primary principle based on which Homeopathy was founded and which is consistently occurred throughout the history of medicine let it be both in the eastern as well as the western worlds. The first principle being “like cure like” and the second one being “minimum dose”. If you need to understand the first principle the same can be looked in several different ways. One very pertinent aspect of the first principle is the very solid understanding that our body knows what it is doing and that all the various symptoms which we as patients perceive as an illness is the body’s way of taking action to overcome the actual illness. This response or symptoms can be termed as vital response and it’s quite automatic in living organisms.

Homeopathy Doctor in DubaiHomeopathy tries to treat the illness from within and push it outwards hence medicine in homeopathy is used to act as a stimulus to this natural vital response. It uses medicines to increase the strength of the symptoms and this is seen as the first indication towards internal healing taking place. All homeopathic medicines created are tested on healthy human subjects and very carefully noted on major aspects such as emotional, mental and physical changes. This method of testing is called as ‘proving’ and this information forms the basis for ‘like cure like’ as the symptoms generated from each unique medicine should match up with an individuals expression of their disease.

The second principle being ‘the minimum dose’, is based on the simple understanding that the stimulus is always created and works best from within the vitality of the natural response of the body and cannot be imposed from the outside of the body. Hence it’s very important that medicine is administered only enough to initiate the natural healing process which contributes to the internal healing mission. This is said to be the biggest advantage of this alternative treatment and homeopathic medicines given in such minimum doses will produce absolutely no side effects which are so often seen in other conventional treatments.

Why is homeopathy being so popular?

The principle on which homeopathic treatment is based on is that it works with the internal healing powers of your own body which help in bringing about good health and well being.

Absolutely no side effects what so ever in comparison with other conventional methods of treatment.

No homeopathic medicines are subjected to addictions and the prepared remedies which are administrated in minimum doses are gentle, subtle and yet powerful and vital.

It is like a package treatment which caters not only to your body but at all levels of spiritual, emotional, physical and mental being.

Every patient is treated as an individual and hence the medications are prepared after understanding individual health and history rather than a collection of disease labels.