Sound sleep is very important for personal wellness

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Insomnia - Sleep Disorder

If one is to discuss the importance of sleep then it goes without saying that sleep is the most important aspect of one’s personal wellness. Sleep not only recovers us from our day to day stress and activities but also enhances our memory and brain functions. Sleep is a natural factor and of the brain suggesting the body that it needs rest. There are many illnesses that crop up just due to lack of sleep. Insomnia is the most common illness seen in today modern world and there are many factors which contribute to the same which has started becoming a growing concern. Difficulty in falling asleep during the night can cause daytime drowsiness and lack of concentration.

As a practicing Homeopathy doctor in Dubai, I have come across many such cases of acute sleep deprivation and disorders. Hence to help many of my readers who may be suffering similar problems I thought of putting forth some very useful and important tips to get a good nights sleep.

Stay healthy: Health is wealth is a very common acronym and is the most valid approach towards personal wellness. Your physical health contributes a lot to a sound sleep and it is suggested that you exercise at least 30 minutes each day. This will help you fall asleep without having to depend on any other means of getting one. Exercise will not only make you agile but will also reduce in weight loss as being overweight increase risks of snoring and sleep apnoea which makes your sleep uneasy.

Diet Control: Food plays a major contributor in everything we do in our life and its imperative that plan and our diet well. There are some diet substance which can have chances of reducing one’s sleep and it’s essential that we do not consume them if we need a good sleep. I would suggest avoiding caffeine substances or even tea as this will stop you from falling asleep. There are also many processed foods which contain caffeine that will cause irritations. Also, dairy and wheat products can cause sleep disturbing problems like gastrointestinal disorders, congestions or gas in some cases. Avoid consumption of fluids at least two hours before you go to bed as there is a more tendency of you waking up to go to the bathroom. It’s best to avoid alcohol completely as the effects of the consumption of this substance only cause temporary short live drowsiness. Moreover, it has all the adverse effects on your body and self.

Imbalance during menopause: This is another major factor which may reduce your sleep as hormonal changes during this time cause joint pains, palpitations and many effects that interfere with our sound sleep. It’s best to get back to normalcy and your homeopathy can help you with some natural therapies to give you much relief.

Neat Bedroom: Your bedroom should be as neat as possible and should be much of an attractive place. Avoid making it a place for dumping work or junk materials. Keep your room uncluttered and avoid having any kind of electromagnetic fields and any electrical devices or appliances. It would be a very good idea to have a soft soothing fragrance in your room with a slightly cool temperature as that will surely soothe your mood. I would prefer to hear a slight session of light music before going to sleep and avoid watching the television or any visual programs which seems to be disturbing as that will disrupt your sleep.

Before going to bed: Work is part and parcel of our lives and the first thought that comes to many of our minds are about our work schedules. Pack your work at least one hour before you hit your bed as this will relax your mind and will help you in a better sleep. The best would be to write down a to-do list before finishing work and start a relaxing routine every day in the evening. You should be repeating the same routine each night and you would see that your body will get accustomed to this routine.

Our daily course should always begin with a very refreshing morning and for that one surely needs to have a very nice, undisturbed and relaxing sleep. That’s when our body is all ready to start off the day and get into action for all the schedules we have planned for the day.


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