Bringing smiles to numerous lives
through Homeopathy.
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Dr. Vidyalakshmi Prakash leads the 4th generation of doctors from a family engaged in Education, Treatment, Research, Propagation & Manufacture of Homeopathic medicines for the last 96 years.

In 1920, her Great-Grandfather, Dr. R. Kesavapanikkar (RKP) started his Homeopathy clinic in Thrikkunnapuzha in Alleppey district, Kerala.

RKP's eldest son, Dr. K. S. Prakasam was the Founder Principal of Government Homeopathic Medical College Calicut and
Faculty Dean of Calicut University.

RKP's second and third sons, Dr. K.S. Prabhatham & Dr. K.S. Sachith retired as District Medical Officer and Director of Homeopathy
(Govt. of Kerala) respectively.

The Doctor Prakasam Family has produced over 21 eminent Doctors who have spent their life furthering the Practice of Homeopathy.

Dr. Vidyalakshmi Prakash is a Partner at
Dr. Prakasam Homeopathic Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd, involved in the production of quality Homeopathic Medicines based on the firm foundation of tradition, faith and 96 years of experience in the field of Homeopathy.

The Factory is situated at Chelannur
near Calicut city.

Raw materials are procured from all over the world including US, West Germany,
United Kingdom and Switzerland.
Sugar of milk is directly imported
from Holland.

Dr. Vidyalakshmi is a Senior Consultant at
Dr. S. Vidya Prakash Homeopathic Clinic (Calicut).

The Clinic was established in the year 2010 by her father Dr. S. Vidyaprakash, who is the eldest son of
Late Dr. K.S. Prakasam.

The Clinic was inaugurated by Smt. P.K. Sreemathi, the then Honorable Health Minister of Kerala. Situated at Civil Station, Calicut, with a built-up area of
10,000 sq.ft., the clinic is spread over 3 storeys.

Dr S Vidyaprakash PrakashDr Vidyalakshmi PrakashDr Sreelakshmi PrakashDr Raj Prakash

Dr. S Vidyaprakash
Managing Director

Dr. Vidyalakshmi P
Senior Consultant

Dr. Sreelakshmi P

Dr. Raj Prakash


World Homoeopathy Day:

Homoeopathy is a system of alternative medicine created in Germany in 1796 by a German physician named Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. Dr. Samuel Hahnemann was born on 10th April 1755 in a town named Meissen in Eastern Germany. His birthday is now officially celebrated as World Homoeopathy Day by proponents of Homoeopathy practice all over the world. This year, we are celebrating his 261st birthday.

Jupiter Specialty Medical Centre, Karama (Dubai), where I work is celebrating World Homeopathy Day by offering
FREE Homoeopathy consultations on 13th (Friday) & 14th (Saturday) April 2018.



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