A Walk of Life!

Inasu Chirayath with son, Gautham

Our son Gautam was not walking until he was two and a half years old. Like every other parent, we did all sorts of check-ups (including MRI scan of brain, psychology tests, Autism Spectrum Disorder screening tests, etc.) with several doctors in UAE and India.

We met Dr. Vidyalakshmi in 2015 and she monitored our son’s behaviour & movements. She proposed Homeopathic medicines along with diet restrictions. At this time he had severe drooling and this drooling ceased within few weeks of medication.

Just after 6 months (it was a month after his 3rd birthday), he surprised all of us by walking without any support. Now he continues to walk and run like any other kid of his age. He is still under the treatment of Dr. Vidyalakshmi since he has phenomenal developmental delay.

We would highly recommend Dr. Vidyalakshmi and believe homeopathy/alternative medicines can do wonders.

Inasu Chirayath & Sonia Joseph
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